What are our tours like?

Unique experiences and tours for the senses.

We suggest a  travel  to  world of wine  through touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste.

A trip to Rioja Alavesa and La Rioja where the traveller can see, talk, listen and feel through our wine and food proposals. Exploring traditional wineries  with centuries of history  in its caves and cellars or discovering the most innovative facilities and technologies. Opening the doors of small “boutique” wineries that usually remain closed for visitors and which are real hidden gems.

Travelling across small villages founded in theMiddle Ages whith lots of secrets wishing to be revealed. Inviting to enjoy the aromas of wine, of oak   wood, cave’s history or harvest charm. Feeling the land and enjoying it with the wine producers who work the vines with passion and care to create the magic of wine.

We like to communicate

We offer our tours and services in  six languages:  Spanish, Catalan, Basque, French, German and English.
Private wine tours

Private wine tours

Enjoy Rioja wine region with our private tours

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  • Best of Rioja
    Best of Rioja

    Family run wineries, cutting edge architectural designs and renowned wineries of Rioja

  • Traditional Rioja
    Traditional Rioja

    The essence of the region is composed by family run wineries where wine is produced and aged with the most traditional methods from generation to generation. Intimate places where you will feel at home and taste wines at a friendly, welcoming and family atmosphere. Or big names of Rioja where you can enjoy some of the classic full bodied and long aged Rioja wines.
    This experience will transmit you passion for wine.

  • Wine De Luxe
    Wine De Luxe

    A tour focused for wine enthusiasts keen on a deeper wine immersion and little hidden gems.

  • Day trip to Rioja
    Day trip to Rioja

    Enjoy a private one day wine tour to Rioja from Bilbao, San Sebastian, or Pamplona visiting the famous Rioja wine región.

Self guided wine tours

Self guided wine tours

For Independent travellers who prefer to tour on their own.

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  • Best of Rioja Self Guided
    Best of Rioja Self Guided

    We take care of designing your tour and make all reservations. You take charge of enjoying. On your own

  • Rioja Express Self Guided
    Rioja Express Self Guided

    You don’t have time enough for a full day tour? Have you already booked one of our full day private wine tours but want to experience a little more on your own? This is the tour for you.

Shore excursions

Shore excursions

The famous Rioja wine region is only one hour drive from Bilbao. If you are a  cruise ship passenger docking in Bilbao and have passion for wine, don’t miss this tour!

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  • Shore excursion to Rioja
    Shore excursion to Rioja

    We will pick you up at the port and drive to Rioja where you will meet your local wine expert guide who will be with during the whole tour

  • Shore excursion to Rioja Premium
    Shore excursion to Rioja Premium

    This shore excursion is focused for wine enthusiasts keen on a deeper wine immersion and little hidden gems



Live the experience of a private pintxos tasting tour guided by our experts at some of our favourite bars and spots. You will visit the best bars and delish the best pintxos married with Rioja  wines.

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  • Wine & pintxos tour in Laguardia
    Wine & pintxos tour in Laguardia

    Explore the medieval walled village of Laguardia. One of the most charming places in Rioja with its narrow streets, winding alleys and mysterious doorways

  • Wine & pintxos tour in Haro
    Wine & pintxos tour in Haro

    Discover the secrets of famous Rioja wines at one of the most well-known and historic wineries in Haro



If you don’t mind joining other guests this is the tour for you.

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  • Scheduled Rioja wine tour
    Scheduled Rioja wine tour

    If you don’t mind joining other guests this is the tour for you. Join our small group wine tours with regular departures every Thursday* (May, June, September, October)   and experience with us fascinating world of Rioja wine



Rioja Alavesa has an ancient culture with a rich artistic, cultural and historic heritage and many beautiful towns whose historic quarters have been declared to be Qualified Cultural Resource.

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  • Best of Labastida
    Best of Labastida

    Discover a lovely town with its origins in the Middle Ages and whose historic centre has been declared to be Qualified Cultural Resource. Taste superb wines and enjoy the typical local gastronomy

  • Best of Laguardia
    Best of Laguardia

    Discover this walled village founded in the 10th century and whose medieval layout has been preserved almost intact

  • Best of  Rioja Alavesa Culture
    Best of  Rioja Alavesa Culture

    Discover the legacy of our culture visiting  two of the most emblematic towns in region, Laguardia and Labastida. Walk through their medieval alleys , visit ancient wineries from the Middle Ages and enjoy the best traditional food.

  • Rioja Alavesa walking tours
    Rioja Alavesa walking tours

    We offer guided walking  tours to the most emblematic Old Quarters of the region: Labastida, Laguardia, Salinillas de Buradón, Elciego, Labraza…

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